Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Resume

Upgraded my resume and am looking for knew work using snag a job so far have put in four applications.

David C. Clos

Home Phone: xxx_xxx-xxxx
Home address: xxxx xxx.
xxxxx, Mi. 48185

About me: I'm a motivated, dependable, patient, strong, willing and hard worker. All of my employers have stated that I am one of the best workers that they have ever had. I'm a great find and you will find this out for yourself if you give me a chance to prove it.
Willing to work all hours.
Expected pay: up for discussion.

Employment History

Easy Grow Plants
Redford, Mi.
Started Nov.2007
Ended: Still work on call
Contact: Dan Malewitz xxx-xxx-xxxx
Job title: Landscaping and lawn service, plants/seeds, online marketing assistance and packing seeds for shipping.
Reason for leaving: Lack of work, didn't need my help, but am still on call.
More: I helped with any landscaping jobs that we did and helped part time with the online marketing of the seeds, packing and took orders.
Start Wage: $10.00
End Wage:$ 11.00

Hanover Park, Il.
Started May 2004
Ended Sep. 2007
Contact: Tim Tripp xxx-xxx-xxxx
Job title: Masonry stainer, van crew leader.
Reason for leaving: Laid off from lack of work.
More: Started off as a temporary one month job, but excelled to getting hired from my excellent performance. I later was promoted to a crew leader of the state of Ohio.
Start Wage: $14.00
End Wage: 20.00

Handy Homes
Warren Mi.
Started Oct. 2002
Ended May 2004
Contact: Drew (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Job title: Building display sheds.
Reason for leaving: Better job opportunity.
More: I started out working at the display shed assembly as a temp until they met their quota. After this I was supposed to transfer to the assembly line building, but I worked so well there that they kept me on and I became their head builder. I also operated the Hi/lo when needed.
Start Wage: $9.50
End Wage:$ 11.00

I've got my G.E.D. from Wayne /Westland schools
I attended collage at Schoolcraft College, but only completed two classes because of lack of funding.


Name: Lee Makinzee
Relation: Friend
Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Name: Jerry Repaski
Relation: Friend
Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Name: Jay Vandusen
Relation: Friend
Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

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