Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Card Tricks N More

Another knew site that I started is card tricks n more. I just watched a movie about card hustlers and got motivated on some of the things that they were doing and thought that I could find tricks like that around the internet. So there it is a knew blog all about card tricks and other tricks will be put in here and there.

Starting My Adsense

Today I'm going to start my adsense and start to try to make money I found a good site that is giving me a step by step instructions. Making a living off blogging if you have a blog you should cheek this site out and start earning from your blog for more go to the site and let them explain it better then I can. I'm going to try it out and keep you informed on how it goes. allso im putting ads on my other site cheek it out at ghost or hoax.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ghost Or Hoax

I started a new blog called Ghost Or Hoax. Its dedicated to all the videos and pictures out there that are possible ghosts? Are they real or a hoax? Well I want you to come there and judge for your self and give your opinion. Ghost are a fascinating subject and very interesting. I myself have never see one but I don't dismiss the possibility that something can be there.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

December 21 2012

The knew dooms day scenario. Ive came across this a lot lately. Every time I look into this I come across a different thing that will happen. Some say aliens, while others say a knew age from the mayen long count calender coming to an end. I found a blog that has videos and a lot of different opinions on the subject, Dec 21 2012. My own personal opinion is, nothing is going to happen, but I do find the subject very interesting. It is said that this date is going to be the next y2k or worse. All so there is a movie coming out staring john cusack called 2012 in November. Feel free to place your opinion on this subject in the comment section.